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Why A Microphone And Input Jack Is Important…A MUST Read

I follow a lot of advice from VideoMaker Magazine, it is full of articles for amateur video enthusiasts- the link below is for an article regarding the use of good audio for your video productions.

Take a look at it at this link.

On YouTube, Good Audio Will Put Your Video Ahead Of The Pack


Adding A Rode VideoMic To Your Canon Vixia Camcorder

The Rode VideoMic can bring rich, clear and static free audio to your videos, making your productions look and sound more professional.

The VidoMic turns your average camcorder into something much more professional.  Plus, your camcorder outfit will look a lot better.

I use the Rode VideoMic on my Canon Vixia HF R20 with a mounting arm bracket.  The sound quality improves by quite a bit as the video below illustrates. This is handy when you are trying to get sound from a distance.  The on-board microphone on the Canon, or for that matter any video camera cannot capture the sound like an external microphone can.  You simply mount the microphone on the bracket, or a hotshoe on another camcorder or DSLR camera, and plug it into the 1/8 inch microphone input jack.  The microphone comes with its own power via a 9 volt battery.

As you will see in the video below, “Bucky” does a test of the microphone at a close range, with a result that is much richer with less echo than the built-in microphone.  Also, the test is done with a Canon Vixia HF40, which is just a step up from the HF20.

The test is done at maybe 3-4 feet away, followed by a test at 7 feet away.


The Pro’s

  • Improve your audio quality for all of your video shoots.
  • Filter your sound for high or low pass.
  • Turn your average camcorder into something much more professional.

The Con’s

  • Adds bulk to your camcorder.
  • Requires a mounting bracket if you are using a camcorder that does not have a hotshoe.
  • A 9 volt battery is required.

If you are looking for more information on the Rode VideoMic, you can check out our sources and best deals below.

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More Low Cost Audio From Your Camcorder

You can super-charge your camcorder from mediocre to “pro-level” with a simple device called a “BeachTek” box.  Just what is a “BeachTek?”

Well, it is a device that attaches to the bottom of your camcorder (that has a microphone input jack) and allows you to attach (2) professional style XLR microphones.  These microphones provide less hiss and pop than microphones that have the 1/8 inch jack.

Ease Of Use- High Quality Audio Results

You simply attach the box to the bottom of your tripod mount, and plug the box into the jack input of your camcorder.

The benefits of this allow you to connect to a wide variety of microphone devices, including XLR microphones, wireless systems and even live feed from a sound mixer.

The switches on the right side of the picture allow you adjust for mono or stereo, and the control knobs allow you to adjust the input levels independently.  This gives you freedom to customize your sound and if you have a camcorder that has an audio headphone input to monitor your sound, you can record sound from two sources, controlling the level of volume to allow you to edit your footage much more easily and with professional level results.


  • Create high quality audio with a lower priced camcorder
  • Customize your audio levels- Make the audio work to your favor, eliminate unwanted audio recording.
  • Use XLR microphones- Allows for less distortion and hiss on your audio recordings.


  • Takes time to master- You will need to play around with the settings and adjustments for the best results.
  • Investment- If you do not have XLR microphones, you will have to purchase those as well as the Beachtek.

For the best prices on the BeachTek, check out our daily deals, with the best prices on this item.  Please note: this item does not work if your camcorder does not have a microphone input jack.  If this is your case, visit our other posts if you don’t have a camcorder with a microphone input jack.

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