If you have a consumer level camcorder of any kind, and end up actually using it for any length of time, you are probably aware that generally speaking they are hard to carry around.  My current camcorder is like just about every other camcorder you find on the market today, small, with a flip out LCD screen.  The problem is the difficulty to hold steady if you are moving around and not using a tripod or monopod, and this results in jerky, shaky video.

After some searching, I found this…

This is the Adorama Heavy Duty “L” Bracket.  It costs about $9.00 and simply screws into the bottom of your camcorder’s tripod mount, which is the knob on the bottom of the bracket as you can see on the photo.

This gives you a really nice grip to use to handle your camcorder.  It fits nearly all camcorders from what I have found, and has two hot shoes, which, on my latest camcorder, allows me to mount a microphone.

You can also mount this on your tripod or monopod, since the knob on the bottom allows you to mount it onto any standard mount.

The thing I noticed right off the bat when I started using it was much better stability and less jerky footage.  It also makes my camcorder look much more professional especially when I have the microphone mounted to the top.

So, a $9.00 investment can alleviate a lot of technical problems if you are using almost any consumer level camcorder.

You can find the best price for the Adorama Heavy Duty “L” Bracket at this Amazon Link. 

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