Let’s face it most camcorders designed for the general public are small, and can usually fit into a coat pocket.  This is good and bad when you are actually shooting a video, since it makes transportation easy, but does not make the video shoot all that easy.  To keep the camcorder steady you have to cradle it into your hands, and for extended periods of time this can really put a strain on the arms, neck, shoulders and back.

Plus, you have very little stability, and this can cause jerky, amateur results.  My solution is the use of (2) cheap accessories to make shooting much easier.


1.  I use the Adorama Heavy Duty L-Bracket, this is a simple arm mount that I put on my Canon Vixia HF R20 to increase the stability of my shooting, along with the ability to add a microphone or light to the hot shoe mounts.  It just screws on to the tripod mount on the bottom of the camcorder, which lets you grab it and go when you are ready to film.



2.  The second item I use is the Targus Monopod It has a 70 inch extension that makes it easy to shoot with stability while you are on the move, whether you are shooting a sporting event or have to move continually.  I have found it very useful in situations where I am in a crowd of people and need to get a shot over the crowd.

I am only 5’6″, so I just extend the monopod over my head and adjust the zoom if needed on my camcorder, and presto, I have the best view in the house!  Works so much better than setting up a bulky tripod if you have a lot of shooting to do in a public place.  The only downside is you have to stabilize the monopod, but I have found it very easy to pan without getting unstable results.



This is a picture of my outfit.  I use a combination of the L- bracket, so I can mount my microphone, along with the monopod.  It works great, and I can easily detach the bracket and camcorder from the monopod for even more mobile shooting.



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