The Rode VideoMic can bring rich, clear and static free audio to your videos, making your productions look and sound more professional.

The VidoMic turns your average camcorder into something much more professional.  Plus, your camcorder outfit will look a lot better.

I use the Rode VideoMic on my Canon Vixia HF R20 with a mounting arm bracket.  The sound quality improves by quite a bit as the video below illustrates. This is handy when you are trying to get sound from a distance.  The on-board microphone on the Canon, or for that matter any video camera cannot capture the sound like an external microphone can.  You simply mount the microphone on the bracket, or a hotshoe on another camcorder or DSLR camera, and plug it into the 1/8 inch microphone input jack.  The microphone comes with its own power via a 9 volt battery.

As you will see in the video below, “Bucky” does a test of the microphone at a close range, with a result that is much richer with less echo than the built-in microphone.  Also, the test is done with a Canon Vixia HF40, which is just a step up from the HF20.

The test is done at maybe 3-4 feet away, followed by a test at 7 feet away.


The Pro’s

  • Improve your audio quality for all of your video shoots.
  • Filter your sound for high or low pass.
  • Turn your average camcorder into something much more professional.

The Con’s

  • Adds bulk to your camcorder.
  • Requires a mounting bracket if you are using a camcorder that does not have a hotshoe.
  • A 9 volt battery is required.

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