End Frustrating Camcorder Audio Problems For Good…

The number one reason people “click off” online videos like YouTube is not because of poor quality video, it is because of poor quality audio.  Think about it.  If you do a great job of recording a video of your son or daughter’s school play, but cannot understand a thing they are saying, the video is just about useless.  How often do you watch TV with the volume off.  Simply put, if you cannot understand what is going on, you lose interest fast.

This is the problem  I faced after I purchased my first camcorder at the local “big box” retailer.  It looked like a great camcorder until I started trying to do some videos in a crowded room.  It was a really great video I shot in HD, but you could not hear what anyone was talking about because I was using zoom, so it was too far away for the crappy built in microphone to pick up. GRRR!


This Camcorder Was Hard To Find!

I went online, and over the next few months, I found out more about doing great video.  The secret was to get a camcorder that would allow me to attach a microphone.  Sadly, most of those that I found online were professional HD camcorders costing two or three thousand dollars. GRRR!

Well, as luck would have it, I finally found a camcorder that will do the trick after doing a lot of digging.  The camcorder is the Canon VIXIA HF R20.  It is a reasonably priced camcorder (under $400) that readily supplies a microphone input jack as well as audio level monitoring.   This allows you the opportunity to put a microphone near the subject matter you are trying to video, or a number of other options.

You can see a full video review of this camcorder at the video below:

 To see the best price for the Canon VIXIA HF R20 click on this Amazon link

Not only does this camcorder help you capture great audio, it has a laundry list of other great features.  Here are highlights of just a few of them.

  • 8GB internal flash drive and 2 SDXC-compatible memory card slots- Huge ability to capture HD video depending on what size of SD cards you put into the camcorder.
  • Genuine Canon HD video lens with 28x advanced zoom- Canon is a reputable manufacturer of lenses, with very smooth zoom capabilities.  Allows you the flexibility to capture a wide range of footage.
  • Capture video in 24p- Make near cinema-like film with 24p capture ability.
  • External microphone input jack- We already covered this.  Here is what Canon has to say…  “A Microphone terminal with manual audio level control and a Headphone terminal provide exceptional audio adaptability. For the ultimate in flexibility, the VIXIA HF R20 is compatible with the optional Canon wireless microphone WM-V1. Using a receiver which plugs into the microphone terminal, its audio can be captured from up to 164 ft. away. Use it to record audio from a distant subject, or as a transceiver to cue shooting from a third party.”

What Do Other People Have To Say About The Canon VIXIA

As a video producer, this camcorder does the job, it has all the features I need to create high quality video in HD, as well as the ability be small and portable.  I use a beachtek to capture sound from 2 different microphone sources, which helps in narration of video or during music shoots.  I highly recommend this camcorder.

John M.

To see other reviews, click on this Amazon link.

To sum up, if you are at the point where you are finding the features on your camcorder are just not doing the job, consider the Canon VIXIA as modestly priced upgrade.  Or, if you are venturing into video, and understand the importance of audio along with video, then this might be an option for you as well.

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