Great Audio From A Cheap Camcorder?  It Is Possible…

If you ever see professional cameras in action, you will notice that all the professionals use XLR microphones.  These are high quality microphones that capture sound with less distortion.  The problem is, if you cannot shell out $2000 for a camcorder, what do you do?

Well, if you have a camcorder with a 1/8 inch microphone input, like the Canon VIXIA I mention in the previous post, you can attach a device that allows you to significantly beef up the abilities of your inexpensive camcorder by using XLR microphones.

It is called a Beachtek, and it simply plugs into your camcorders microphone input jack.  This device is incredible, as you can add the ability to add two microphones, from two different sources.  This allows you to capture sound from say, an audio source several feet away, as well as up close.

The Beachtek attaches to the bottom of your camcorder, with adjustable control for sound input on both microphones.

Here Are Some Other Features Of The Beachtek

  • Inputs – Two transformer balanced XLR connectors, One unbalanced mini-jack ideal for wireless microphone devices
  • Output – Unbalanced stereo mini-jack with a replaceable output cable Selectable MONO or STEREO
  • Trim Controls – Adjusts signal level on each channel from unity to no output
  • LINE / MIC Switches – Switchable input between LINE or MIC levels for versatility
  • Balancing Transformers – Premium wide-bandwidth transformers for superb audio Shielded in a custom deep drawn mu-metal cover for very quiet operations

Hear The Difference On Your Videos  (Before The Beachtek)

After Installing The Beachtek

As you can see from these videos, there is a great deal of difference in quality, this can separate your videos from amateur to professional in no time.

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